All services and packages outside of small group and sports specific training come in 3, 6, and 12 month options.  One on one and rehabilitation training prices starting at $35 a session, with buddy training starting at $25 a session all depending on the length of the training  package. Small group sessions range form $85- $115 a month. Clients payments are automatically drafted from a checking or savings account, or a debit card (No other options) with the options of bi-weekly or monthly payments. There are NO CONTRACTS, but clients are asked to sign to an agreement, agreeing to the terms and conditions of Quikfits Wellness and Fitness,LLC programs. You only need half an hour to work out when you train at Quikfits Wellness and Fitness, LLC (yes I can wear out even the fittest person in 30 minutes!), so therefore all training sessions are 30 minute training sessions!


Small Group training takes a unique structure in which you work out in small groups (5-7 people), allowing you to maximize the benefit of your program and take full advantage of my expertise.  Each workout is designed for your specific goals based on what I learn about your needs and goals from your functional movement testing and fitness assessment.  This enables me to ensure the most efficient workout for YOU. Each semi-private training session is designed to increase your functional strength, reduce injuries, and boost your metabolism. This is the best fat burning workout available!

Small Group Training is available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday with  sessions beginning at 7:15.



My one-on-one training program is ideal for those seeking high levels of personal attention and accountability, uniquely varied workout routines designed to accomplish your specific goals, and the best results in the least amount of time possible. I will work directly with you to develop and start a functional training and nutritional program to ensure that you reach your goals in a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable environment. I will push beyond your limit to not only get results, but to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!



As an athlete, I understand the proper preparation it takes to perform at the best of your ability. Therefore I train athletes to use the proper movements and muscles to make them bigger, faster, stronger, and more explosive to compete at the highest level on any playing field. Training programs for athletic performance enhancement include

  • strength, speed, power
  • endurance
  • flexibility
  • mobility
  • agility
  • mental preparedness (including goal setting)
  • sleep
  • recovery/regeneration techniques and strategies,
  • nutrition
  • rehabilitation
  • pre-habilitation
  • injury risk reduction


Need a little extra push or accountability? Have a buddy with similar fitness level and goals in mind support you with 30 minutes of innovative intense detailed workouts focused on correcting movement patterns and increasing the likelihood of attaining your desired goals and achievements.


If you suffered a debilitating illness or injury, then in most cases, physical training would be the key to helping you on your road to recovery. As a qualified personal trainer I am able to guide you through exercise routines that can improve your muscle, tendon, joint, and bone health after it has been compromised by a sickness or accident.


I may not physically be able to reach you, but that does not mean you can’t use may expertise. With my online training program I have the luxury of training you wherever you maybe. Through a program called “Trainerize” I am able to create workout programs specifically for YOU! By clicking on the “Online Training” icon on the home page you will options of selecting Month to Month, 3 Month, and 6 Month training programs. Once you purchase a program you will be emailed a link to fill out a consultation form. Filling out that consultation form will inform me of your goals and any precautions that should be taken. Your workouts will have instructional videos that demonstrates each exercise within the program. During the program you will notify me when each session is completed and we will track your progress together. All this is done from your smart phone device. This is a great cost-effective option that gets you a great bang for your buck!